Dominik Krawiecki

artistic director / actor / teacher / playwright

Dominik Krawiecki comes from Wroclaw, Poland. He trained as an actor at the Theatre Academy in his hometown, and also studied drama at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Dominik Krawiecki founded the Off-Theater “Zaklad Krawiecki,” which plays today with much success. He has also appeared several times as a director and participant in national and international theater festivals and competitions. He embodied roles in Poland, Germany, Switzerland and France in their respective national languages. From beginning his career as an actor and director Dominik Krawiecki began working in the field of dance theater. This created many productions in collaboration with Sławek Bendrat. In 2011 he founded PINK MAMA THEATRE with Sławek Bendrat.

Theatre (selection)

2009 Ballet National de Marseille (France)
Le Manque – Sarah Kane – C

2005-08 Theater Luzern (Switzerland)
Der Sturm – Wiliam Shakespear – Stephano
Drei Groschen Oper – Bertold Brecht – Säger Robert

2005 Theater Nordhausen (Germany)
Crave – Sarah Kane – C

2002 Teatr Anatomii- Krakow (Poland)
Projekt Topor-Roland Topor-Don Juan

1999-01 Teatr Zaklad Krawiecki – Wroclaw (Poland)
Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love – Brad Fraser – David

Projects (selection)

2021 Who is Ricco?

2020 Shaved Town

2019 Fashion

2018 The Boy and Death

2017 Tojo Theater
Jungle, Premiere 14.12.2017

2017 Tanzlounge Bern
Gottesmütter, Premiere 16.07.2017

2016 Grosse Halle Bern
Olympiade, Premiere 24.09.2016

2015 Dampfzentrale Bern
DYNASTIE, Premiere 20.02.2015

2014 Dampfzentrale Bern
PSITTACUS ERITHACUS, Premiere 28.03.2014

2013 Heimspiel Dampfzentrale Bern
“Freaks” Pink Mama Theatre, Premiere 09.02.2013

2012 Schloss Köniz
“Ariel oder Swinger’s Planets” Pink Mama Theatre, Premiere 7.09.2012

2012 Tojo Theater
„afterparty“ Pink Mama Theatre

2011 Werkstatt 14a Bern
„escort“ Pink Mama Theatre

2007 UG Luzern
Liebe auf dem ersten Blick – Choreografie: Sławek Bendrat
Gier – Sarah Kane – David

2006 Klein Theater Luzern
Die Unetrrichtsstunde – Eugene Ionesco – Professor – Regie: Dominik Krawiecki/Sławek Bendrat


Marseille 2009
Id – Regie: Dominik Krawiecki/Sławek Bendrat – Kamera: Blazej Tomaszewski