…no one said that Theater must portray life…

Antonin Artaud


Summer and Winter, black and white, northern and westerly winds, life-size china sheep, artificial snow and sand give the stage a dreamlike aura. Spooky, lifeless department store mannequins defy moral-philosophical understanding and reason.

A „ship of fools“ is making its way to America. Amongst the passengers is Immanuel Kant, traveling with his young attendant Tadzio and his alter ego a grey parrot. During the journey, the brillant but arrogant intellectual celebrates his own genius, losing touch with reality. His Genius is trapped in a magnificent but empty Dome, floating over the surface of the ocean.

This dance-theatre piece inspired by Thomas Bernhard’s ‘Imanuel Kant’ unifies text, movement and images culminating in a critical second look at Kant’s philosophical superstructure.

Cast and Credits:

Coproduction with Dampfzentrale Bern

Idea, concept, stage direction, scenography, costumes: Slawek Bendrat, Dominik Krawiecki

Choreography: Slawek Bendrat

Dramaturgy: Dominik Krawiecki

Cast: Slawek Bendrat, Dominik Krawiecki, *Charlotte Mclean, *Cesar Milagros, Tomek Pomersbach, Marek Wieczorek (*new cast)

Technic and music design: Jonas Weber

Light design: Ayca Andac Karabeyoglu

Photos: Monika Chmielarz

Video: Karol Rakowski

Dressmaker: Anna Utko

Production Manager: Angelika Rohrer

Duration: 120 min.

Premiere: 28.03.2014, Dampfzentrale Bern

“PSITTACUS ERITHACUS” was announced one of the best dance-theater`s piece in Poland on season 2013/2014.

The production is sponsored by:
Kultur Stadt Bern, Swisslos Kultur Kanton Bern, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Migros-Kulturprozent, Burgergemeinde Bern

Special thanks to:

Dampfzentrale Bern www.dampfzentrale.ch

New Dance Academy Bern www.newdanceacademy.ch

Anna Utko, taBerna, Restaurant Dampfzentrale, Christa Bader, Bruno Wenger