a film by 
Dominik Krawiecki and 
Patrycja Płanik


“A bizarre, dystopian — often vulgar, yet always poetic — black and white dreamscape, comfortably maneuvering between camp tragicomedy, trash, religion and porn.“

“A caricature of the right extremist nightmare unravels in front of our eyes. Stunningly lensed by co-director Patrycja Planik in her cinematography debut, and scored by award winning filmmaker and composer Andreas Horvath, this fearless attack against intolerance is courageous and visionary.”

Director: Dominik Krawiecki and Patrycja Planik

Production: Pink Mmama Theatre

Screenplay and Concept: Dominik Krawiecki

Story and Dialogues: Pawel Bednarek

Director of Photography, Editor: Patrycja Planik

Composer: Andreas Horvath

Sound editing and mixing: Massimo Del Gaudio

Second Camera and Lighting:  Krzysztof Piotr Durmaj


Dominik Krawiecki

Marek Wieczorek

Valentin Oppermann

Oskar Lasota

Sebastian Schulze


TRAILER “FAGGOTS” International Film Festival Oldenburg Audacity Prize Winner 2021 from Pink Mama Theatre on Vimeo.


The mysterious virus ‘Exit 884’ has decimated the human population and, for reasons unknown to science, has spared the lives of homosexual men only. Earth’s last surviving woman, Maria Magdalena Wysocka, commonly known as Pink Mama, activist of the Rainbow Over Nations movement and acclaimed LGBT warrior, has passed away. Her death marks the beginning of a new era: The Era of Faggots. The farewell party at the former gay club ‘Malibu’, is orchestrated by Erna, who used to clean Her Ladyship Pink Mama’s house. From dusk till dawn, Pink Mama’s friends celebrate and honor her life at a table laid out with vodka, herring, pickles, and russian salad. However, there is a deadly secret hidden behind all the mourning, a secret, that they would rather forget. The nightmare returns.


· 28th Oldenburg Film Festival 2021: GERMAN INDEPENDENCE AWARD 
(given to an original, daring and audacious film by Patrycja Płanik and Dominik Krawiecki)

· Paris International Film Awards 2021: Best LGBT Feature Movie

· Vesuvius International Film Festival 2021: Best LGBT Feature Movie

· Shunyatam International Film Festival 2021: Best Feature Movie (Queer)

· SFAAF South Film and Arts Academy Festival 2021: Best Director (Patrycja Płanik, Dominik Krawiecki)

· SFAAF: Best Lead Actor (Dominik Krawiecki)

· SFAAF: Best Cinematography (Patrycja Płanik)

· SFAAF: Best Original Score (Andreas Horvath)

· SFAAF: Best Costume Design (Patrycja Płanik, Dominik Krawiecki, Sławek Bendrat)

· SFAAF: Production Honorable Mention (Pink Mama)

· AAB International Film Festival 2022:  Best Feature Movie

· Sicily Art Cinema Festival 2022: Best LGBT Feature Movie

· AUSTIN ART FESTIVAL 2022: Best Female Filmmaker (Patrycja Płanik)

· AUSTIN ART FESTIVAL 2022: Best Lead Actor (Dominik Krawiecki)