Choreography and dramatic art

PINK MAMA THEATRE / Sławek Bendrat & Dominik Krawiecki

Sławek Bendat (dancer, choreographer) and Dominik Krawiecki (actor, director) have run the Swiss theatre PINK MAMA for five years. In their projects they engage both actors and dancers. They create peculiar interdisciplinary performances, in which image, movement, voice and text are equally important. They put a lot of emphasis on improvisations that become the main inspiration for particular scenes that are created only later. This five-day workshop aims to show the participants a specific way of working in the theatre, in which dance and acting intertwine and combine.Each day we will begin with physical warm-up, then move on to vocal warm-up and, after a short break, improvisations are going to follow. On their basis, we will later create particular scenes.On the fifth day, we are planning to stage the etudes we will have by then prepared.

Dance technique

Floor work / Sławek Bendrat

In his contemporary dance classes, Sławek Bendrat makes use of his diverse experiences, which he’s collected while working with many European companies and during five years of teaching in Switzerland.
His classes are based on ”floor work” and ”release” techniques and other exercises, which all combine to improve the dancer’s physical strength. The emphasis is on the fluency of movement and mastering the choreographic material. Another important part is practising movement phrases, which are analysed and interpreted in detail. The movement material is constituted by small gestures that enable the dancer to express their emotions while moving.

Masterclass choreography and dramaturgy at Cyrkulacje 2016