Imagine if a rational being came back to earth, wouldn’t he be liable to get ideas into his head if he observed us long enough

Samuel Beckett Endgame


The dance Theater Ensemble portrays a competition developing in both our outer and inner lives.

Two actors and five dancers depict a world catapulting toward war; an eerie state of calm before the storm. An unavoidable tension seems to be kindling and no-one can predict when and to which extent it will inflame.

Two cynical clowns, which represent a mixture of dictator, fraud, circus director and coach play a dangerous game with there abitionate athletes. The competition amoungst swimmer, wrestler, gymnast and co. exposes their fragile construction as well as their personal stories. Eventually the event degenerates and therefore dismantles illusions of the Olympic Games.

Pink Mama compares the worlds of sport, circus and performing art and questions to what extent they have already fused.

Casts and Credits

Coproduction with Grosse Halle and Tojo Theater Bern, Rozbark Teatr Bytom

Idea, concept, stage direction, scenography, costumes: Sławek Bendrat und Dominik Krawiecki
Choreography: Sławek Bendrat
Dramaturgy: Dominik Krawiecki

Cast: Sławek Bendrat, Artur Bienkowski, Dominik Krawiecki, Valentin Markus Oppermann, Izabela Orzelowska, Tomek Pomersbach, Marek Wieczorek

Technic, light and music design: Jonas Weber, Adam Bagnowski
Photos: Monika Chmielarz
Production Manager: Angelika Rohrer
Duration: 120min

Premiere: 24.09.2016, Grosse Halle Bern

This production is sponsored by:
Kultur Stadt Bern, Swisslos Kultur Kanton Bern, Migros-Kulturprozent, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Burgergemeinde Bern, Interpretenstiftung

Olympiade // trailer