Izabela Orzełowska


Izabela Orzelowska (1989 Siedlce, Poland) joined Pink Mama Theatre in 2016 for her first production with the company – Olimpiade. Since then she performed in Jungle (2017), Fashion (2019) and now in Shaved Town. Izabela graduated with the Bachelor of Dance from CODARTS – University of the Arts in Rotterdam (2014) and later did her internship at Konzert Theatre Bern where she continued working for a couple more years. Before starting her professional dance education, Izabela had trained and evolved under the watchful eyes of her mother – Iwona Orzelowska in Caro Dance in Poland. There she trained in various techniques from jazz dance to hip hop, performed in many TV shows and competed in a lot of international competitions. Working closely over the last years under the vision of Sławek Brendrat and Dominik Krawiecki has had a great impact on her artistic progress. Izabela’s experiences with Pink Mama Theatre have brought up new interests and made her touch and delve deeper into creative platforms of dance, theatre and their hybrid forms. These experiences lead her to start the Master Studies at HKB Bern on the Expanded Theatre Programme in September 2019. Currently, Izabela is a freelance performer as well dance and yoga teacher, working internationally.

Performed in Pink Mama Theatre production:

Shaved Town