„Love is Money – Baby Love”
„There are no rules, there are only means
There is no love, there is no love”

From „The Loneliness of the Cotton Fields” by Bernard Marie Koltès

Escort Trailer


A dance theatre performance with three artists from three European countries.
In our “Escort” project we take a critical look at the subject of “selling oneself”, an issue of our consumerist western culture. We follow the process of selling personality, to selling one’s body, from craving, through love, till relationship.

Isn`t it the desire for an illusion, which let us cross the boarders?
Are we ready to sacrifice everything? Are we ready to sacrifice even our body for this desire?

Casts and Credits:

Coproduction with

Idea, concept, stage direction, scenography, costumes:
Sławek Bendrat, Dominik Krawiecki, Simon Reimold



Play and dance:

Technic and musical design:

Light design and video:

Monika Chmielarz /www.mocha.viewbook.com
Hermann Posch /www.hermannposch.de

Production Manager: Angelika Rohrer
This production is sponsored by:
Duration: minutes

Thanks to:

Jan Cibula
www.fotomotiv.ch (Fotografie)
www.webmultimedia.ch (Webdesign)
Goldschmiede Reimold
Hauptstr. 14 – Starnberg (D)
New Dance Academy Bern www.newdanceacademy.ch
Stephanie Muzzarelli
Paul Knight
Werkstatt 14A Bern /www.werkstatt14a.com

Bossbern / http://www.bossbern.ch/

Experience Design Christan Widmerhttp://www.experience-design.ch/

Special Thanks to:
Piotr Tollik